“Every once in a while a leader comes along whose character and purity of heart inspires us. Dr Jack King is such a man!”

~Mark Oakes (Sikesville, Maryland)

“… a very deep thinker with a lovely gentle soul.”

~Tim Douglas (Windsor, United Kingdom)

“A Noble friend who brings order & wisdom to the universe I live in.”

~Harmon Hathaway (Bovina, NY)

“Dear Jack, you are an inspiration, a mahatma!”

~John Paul (Chicago, IL)

“Thank you, Jack, for your beautiful and inspiring posts, and love for all humanity. You must’ve been a Wise Spiritual teacher in a past life…”

~Nicoletta Goumenis (Montreal, Quebec)

“… a man willing to give his life serving future leaders and people who can’t pay him back.”

~Mike Henry Sr. (Owasso, OK)

“He’s brilliant, with a heart of pure gold & LOVE, writer extraordinaire & servant leader.”

~Deb Bruser (Baton Rouge, LA)

“The fabric of our lives is woven by the encouraging words of love you administer.”

~Avis Ward (Greer, SC)

“Dr Jack King is a leader, connector, and lifter of others!”

~Dr Ben Lo (New Buffalo, MI)

“Dr Jack King is one of my heroes. :-)”

~Sarah Robinson (Birmingham, AL)

“Dr Jack, If there is anyone who brings out the magnificence of others, it is you. I learn from your example!”

~Kirk Mousley (Philadelphia, PA)

“Jack, what I’ve learned from observing you about leadership is priceless.”

~Randall Krause (Encino, California)

“Dr Jack King is one of the most genuine men anywhere to be found! Simply … powerful!”

~Mark Hundley (McKinney, TX)

“I honor & love Dr Jack King for stepping out boldly to love his followers. He inspires me to be a caring, kinder leader.”

~Blanca Velasquez (Texas)

“He will help you to understand the true calling and purpose of leadership.”

~Stan Faryna (Bucharest, Romania)

“… a loving, caring man dedicated to helping others make a difference in the world.”

~Ellen Brown (Cleveland, OH)

“… highly skilled leader whose mind is open, honest and generous.”

~Jacques Werth (Media, PA)

“People who say they want to build leaders and walk the talk: Dr Jack King”

~Michael McKinney (Pasadena, California)

“Look up ‘Servant Leader’ in the dictionary and you should find a picture of Dr Jack King”

~Steve Keating (Brooklyn Park, MN)

“Uniquely grounded wisdom.”

~Harmon Hathaway (Bovina, NY)

“heart whisperer”

~Sharon Eden (London, UK)

“Jack does not speak about love, he speaks love, & Jack does not speak about peace, he speaks peace!”

~Majeed Al-Barghouthi (Palestine)

“African Proverb: He who learns, teaches. Dr Jack King is such a man.”

~Avis Ward (Greer, SC)

“Dr Jack King models for me what it means to truly GIVE without expecting something in return.”

~Mark Oakes (Sikesville, MD)

“Profound, and profoundly leading!”

~Thomas Waterhouse (Tampa Bay, FL)

“Humanist, writer, poet, and dedicated to serving others, with Grace.”

~Marion Chapsal (Lyon, France)

“A Walk your Talk Leader!”

~Rebel Brown (Santa Cruz, CA)

“A world class leader.”

~Teresa Brax (Beirut, Lebanon)

“Remarkable thought leader.”

~Dr Steve Broe (Scottsdale, AZ)

“Consistently demonstrates extraordinary leadership. My kind of leader, long on role modeling.”

~Dave Carpenter (Berkshires, MA)

“Digital Mentor & Vertical Thinker.”

~Travis Hinton (Richmond, VA)

“Dr Jack King is a powerful thought leader that I consistently learn from.”

~Steve Keating (Brooklyn Park, MN)

“Just when I believed I was happy with my station in life, you inspired me to a higher plane.”

~Felix P. Nater (Charlotte, NC)

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