About Jack

I have devoted my life to service — advocacy for human rights, social justice, and peace, and leadership in areas like sustainable earth, tolerance, equality, cross-cultural collaboration, and community building. As an extension of that commitment, I do all I can to build synergy around relationships that bring to life our collective desire to make our world a better place.

In addition to being the author of a leadership book, One With the People, I am a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel with a doctorate of Education from the University of Southern California, an MBA from the Air Force Institute of Technology (Logistics Management), and a math degree with a minor in a business administration from the Citadel. Duty stations included Charleston, Fort Worth, Dayton, Honolulu, and Washington DC. My work has taken me to 26 countries, including Qatar, Japan, Korea, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Germany. My association with, and leadership of, diverse groups of people have no doubt served me well. So, too, has my yearning for results and, consequently, my capacity to make a decision and go forward.

Building on a long history of strong Air Force traditions, I welcome the opportunity to share broad expertise in areas like logistics leadership, change management, transformation and innovation, systems-level process management, and strategy development, implementation, and execution. Over the years, my responsibilities evolved to include, in part, developing corporate strategy on areas that affect programmatic, procedural, and fiscal planning environments, future roles and missions, and hands-on, National-level support to the public sector. I hold a systems view with great appreciation for the intricate give and take of process management. I have broad experience leading, consulting, coaching, managing, mentoring, and team building.

I have served as the executive officer (XO) for the 620-person C-130 System Program Office. As the focal point for Director’s senior staff, it was my responsibility to integrate administrative management across seven divisions in response to inquiries from the DoD, Secretary of the Air Force, Pentagon, business leaders, and foreign national principals and dignitaries, as well as oversee direct administrative functions to support the execution of the program’s annual $2.3 billion budget. As a program manager with keen focus on customer delivery, I was responsible for cost, schedule, and performance of several $100+ million USAF projects. Hand-picked to manage the $600M Common Tanker-Transport program, the $330 million GPS program, and a critical $110 million radar modification program, my teams were highly successful: accelerated GPS 4 years, radar reliability up tenfold, spares savings in excess of $10M, saved $1.5M installation costs, persuaded Air Staff to reprioritize and support $3.3 million installation funding shortfall, restructured interim contractor support to guarantee a 500% increase in dedicated support at no additional cost, and increased testset throughput 300%. As a senior consultant advising DoD (DFAS) and FEMA, I was deeply involved with planning, scheduling, and completing analyses and evaluation projects to assess the effectiveness of agency management and/or program operations in sensitive areas like leadership, organizational development, and strategic restructuring. I worked to leverage best commercial business practices in ways that could fundamentally reshape operations support, compress organizational layering, reduce number of managers, and increase number of employee delivering services. Consequently, I understand the unique intrinsic value of collaboration (direct, matrix, and virtual) and I am very comfortable in the programmatic, financial, and budget arenas.

Along the way, I served in a wide range of assignments on numerous higher headquarters staffs reporting directly to senior officers and senior executives. One of my most memorable leadership opportunities is the 1995 Presidential tasking in support of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Balkan Proximity Peace Talks) where my team was responsible for monitoring, initiating, and managing critical components of a vast, diverse, high-stakes administrative structure — operations of an urgent nature with the potential to save many tens of thousands of lives. Together, we overcame the mysteries and vagaries of diplomatic administration to create a responsive, customer-oriented support staff that interwove critical, time-sensitive technical assistance, administrative guidance, and supervisory support to U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher, negotiator Richard Holbrooke, Serbian President Slobodan Milošević, Croatian President Franjo Tuđman, Bosnian President Alija Izetbegović, 24 separate offices, 8 US federal agencies, and 9 foreign delegations.

You will find I am an accessible leader. I’m not afraid to solicit input and let that feedback shape my decisions, nor am I bashful about going out and learning everything I can to facilitate engagement firsthand. I believe in the strength and power of our community, and I believe in the good we create when we forge relationships and partnerships that work together for a better world.

In closing, I bring a unique perspective to my life’s work, a perspective strongly entrenched in servant leadership — it guides much of everything I do. It also guides much of everything I can do for you!

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