Where Mountain Meets the Sea

Where Mountain Meets the Sea is a young adult reader aimed primarily at ‘tweens and teens that celebrates brave choices that will enchant readers of all ages! It is set on the top of a grand mesa in the four corners region of America’s southwest where Sani, a very old and very wise Navajo man, prepares his adopted granddaughter, Topangah, a young Tongva lady of twelve winters, to take her very special place among the people. With the help of a few friends (Eagle, Buffalo, Bear, Sabe, Wolf, Turtle, and Beaver), Sani introduces Topangah to the great insight and wisdom of the Anishinaabe’s Seven Grandfathers (love, respect, courage, honesty, humility, truth, and wisdom) to help her learn compelling lessons about the power of love and compassion, lessons certain to move every reader to the core of their being through the beauty and truth contained within these pages.

Advance praise for Where Mountain Meets the Sea

“… a precious gift!”Rachel Vigour, Fulbright Fellow

“Most of the books on my bookshelf are a great read from cover to cover but, once I have finished reading them, they will often sit unopened again. A true gift is when I am fortunate enough to come across a story so enlightening and uplifting that I can remove it from my bookshelf and flip to any page, on any day, and find meaning in the words on the page. That book is Where Mountain Meets the Sea.”Kristin Floyd, University of Virginia

“Dr. Jack King is a gifted, inspired teacher of leadership. Where Mountain Meets the Sea is a seamless translation of wisdom that cuts across cultures and generations. It’s a gift of love for young adult readers embarking on the leadership adventures of their lives.”James Strock, author, Serve to Lead

Where Mountain Meets the Sea is an engaging teaching tool for young adults — one that shares important leadership lessons through a storyteller’s eyes. Topangah, a young woman beginning her journey of life, love and leadership, learns the power of finding her voice, the value of using both head and heart to lead, the promise of being fearless, and the freedom that comes from looking within to find meaning, strength, value, and love. Aspiring leaders of all ages will benefit by joining her.”Jane Perdue, CEO Braithwaite Innovation Group, and co-author, The Character-based Leader

“Readers of all ages will find much to stimulate their thinking in this book. Its breadth and scope, the variety of topics explored, and the underlying compassion in each discussion Topangah shares with another will provoke active thought and raw emotion. As he has done for as long as I’ve known him, Jack King once again helps us think more clearly about what is most important in life.”Pierre Redmon, CEO/President of PrimCorp, LLC

Where Mountain Meets the Sea is a wonderfully creative story that takes the reader on a fascinating journey of personal growth. It stretches the mind of the young reader to think purposefully of their capacity to impact others as they utilize the seven special gifts that are integral to the story. Every young person would do well to walk Topangah’s trail, a beautiful journey of compassion and love through leadership!”Anthony K. Moore, CEO, Paradigm Group Consultants

Where Mountain Meets the Sea is a magical journey of the human spirit, a journey that teaches the Topangah in each of us how to lead with love and compassion. I highly recommend this book to the young and young at heart everywhere!”Eduardo Valero, artist

Where Mountain Meets the Sea is thought provoking. Through animal spirit guides, this unique book teaches young people lessons of life and leadership. Resonant and meaningful, it confronts the struggles faced by all young readers who, like Topangah, search for ways to live life with compassion and love.”Marjorie Sargent, American Heritage Voices (Mattaponi)

“Amidst the noise of our fierce times – obscenity, violence, grotesque self-indulgence, and pride, Jack King brings us through the door at the back of the wardrobe into a peaceful and wise place. There, in that beautiful place, are more wonderful and fantastic creatures than fauns – love, wisdom, respect, courage, honesty, humility and truth. If you are starved for great beauty, enter into this quiet, deep, and gentle poetry.”Stan Faryna, ed., Black and Right: The Bold New Voice of Black Conservatives in America

“I am awed by the beauty of Where Mountain Meets the Sea. Such a wonderful, profound journey awaits readers of all ages, a journey sure to change their lives.”Margaret Matthews, TreeHouse Studioz

“After being offered the incredible gift of reading Where Mountain Meets the Sea before publication, I delved into Dr. King’s book with great enthusiasm. I read Dr. King’s earlier work, One With the People, and fell in love with his style of writing. The imagery presented in this work is so vivid that I was transported to the tops of mountains where the eagle flies and to the painted mesa where the turtle lives. I could hear Sani speaking softly as if he were whispering the secrets to life directly into my ears. In a world full of too much traffic, too much technology, and being too busy all of the time, this novel transported me to a place of peace and wisdom with each chapter. I highly recommend Where Mountain Meets the Sea to people of all ages!”Denise LaRose, Senior Interiors Consultant

“A beautiful tale of love-centered leadership brought to life by a master storyteller!”Kevin O’Connor, Entrepreneur

Where Mountain Meets the Sea is a beautiful book. Dr. Jack King’s writing is full of love and wisdom. The story unfolds as the dialog of a spiritual journey for young girl named Topangah as she is mentored by a tribal elder, Sani. Along her journey she meets Eagle, Buffalo, Bear, Sasq’ets, Wolf, Turtle, and Beaver. Each animal has a message for Topangah and the reader. The stories make one think about one’s purpose in life and how one is called to serve all that lives. The writing is soothing and thought provoking, and I often lapsed into reverie about my own life as I read the book. I wish I had read this book as a young boy, as it may have made the future a little clearer and a little less frightening. I wholeheartedly encourage readers, young and young at heart, to read this book. Its message of love and service, as well as respect for all of life, is one we should all adopt as our own.”Dr Kirk Mousley, President, Mousley Consulting

“When Topangah took her first step on top of a magnificent grand mesa, little did she realize the adventures that were about to unfold. With each step of her journey, we find ourselves inspired by the lessons she learns about herself, about her people, and about her world, lessons we, as parents, want so desperately to impress upon our own children. Jack King, a master storyteller, shows us our learning never ends, no matter our age, as he beautifully weaves a wonderful tapestry of teachable moments for our hearts to hold on to, and to share. From cover to cover, Where Mountain Meets the Sea is a lovely book for people of all ages, not just those between the ages of 8-14. How could I want anything more from a book for my child?!”George Fitz-Hugh, Assistant Vice President, Gateway Bank

“Jack King’s Where Mountain Meets the Sea is a blessing. It is poetry to the soul, nourishing, healing and soothing. It reminds us where we came from and who we are, One with all creation, One with all living things in the universe. The gentle prose follows the magical journey of a young girl who learns to appreciate the wisdom of the elders and the wisdom of nature, on her way to become a true leader to her people. This important and beautiful book, full of love and light, gives anyone who reads it the courage to believe that each of us can lead from the heart and bring unity, happiness and abundance to all by sharing, giving and embracing love.”Ronit Shapiro, Founder, One Nature

“While reading Where Mountain Meets the Sea, I was taken on a journey that visually examined our world through the lenses of wild animals, the innocence of youth, and the intrinsic knowledge that takes us deeper into our selves, stepping beyond the knowing of how things are through the sensitive gateways connecting us to a life of love and tolerance. If I had but one wish for my life, I would ask for Sani’s wisdom to guide me to a higher understanding. Topangah’s craving for knowledge allowed this book to spell out life’s journeys of understanding in mesmerizing detail. I felt a kindred spirit with Topangah, and I always looked forward to Sani’s answers when she probed his great wisdom. This book is a must read for all generations and every culture.”Linda Mayo, author of Lydia’s Gift

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