Jack King’s passionate new book, One With the People: Everything You Need To Be the Leader They Need, helps us better understand leadership, at its heart, is love manifest, and leadership without love is no leadership at all.

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Advance praise for One With the People

“At a time when most who write and speak about leadership take tired and often worn out concepts and dress them up in new clothes calling them by new names, Dr King has taken leadership back to its nearly forgotten roots. In his book, One With the People, Jack has captured the essence of eternal leadership and created a framework in which we can all learn from one another. He has taught us the paths to follow ~ the paths that lead to Universal acceptance. Thank you for sharing your wisdom … and your heart.”

Mark Hundley, author of Awaken to Good Mourning

“A beautiful story often contains a deeper message about the value of life. Jack’s story of Sani and Topangah will enchant readers of all ages, and many will find that this story helps one advance their journey as a leader. We need passionate leaders with heart in these troubled days! One With the People celebrates brave choices that help everyone succeed. Give this book to a young person whose heart is ready to make bold choices.”

Dr Steve Broe, author of Leaders in Transition

One With the People is a rich, rewarding book filled with wisdom that takes the reader to a beautiful level of understanding of leadership through service, and a deeper appreciation of love as our guiding force. With an uplift of pure heart energy, I am moved to the core of my being by the beauty, truth, and love contained within One With the People. It is a gift to my heart, and I recommend the experience!”

Lisa Morison

“Jack King sheds light on the path to successful leadership in his new book One With the People. This beautifully written tale comes from the servant heart of one who has great insight and wisdom. Through storytelling and Native American culture, Jack weaves the deeper threads of meaning behind effective leadership. This is a beautiful blueprint for successful living that needs to be shared generously. One With the People is written for everyone, and should be shared between parent and child, teacher and student. Jack generously gives us keys to purpose-driven leadership, unleashing the potential that lies within each one of us.”

Catherine Darnell, Advocate and Mentor, Hope’s Tapestry

“Mix one part storytelling, two parts Native American culture, three parts character-based leadership, and what do you have? One With the People, an enchanting and informative leadership book by Jack King. Sani’s lessons to Topangah about love, respect, courage, honesty, humility, truth, and wisdom are lessons for us all. Wise lessons about leading ourselves and others. Compelling lessons about the power of heart, love and compassion in making a positive, sustainable difference in how we lead. A joy to read!”

Jane Perdue, co-author of The Character-Based Leader

“Jack King has created a powerfully passionate story of leadership like none you have ever read before. It is an inspiring story filled with uncommon wisdom and five-star insights. This book will change the way you view leaders and, perhaps, the way you view yourself from this day forward. Within these pages, Jack says what most of us are afraid to admit, yet each of us, in our heart of hearts, yearns to hear: Leadership has everything to do with Love!”

Marjorie Sunflower Sargent, Director of the Foundation for American Heritage Voices and Administrative Director for the Mattaponi Healing Eagle Clinic

“Through a simple, yet dynamic story of Love, Dr King’s One With the People teaches that effective leadership can be learned and even greater heights in leadership attained through Love!”

Fred Castle, Brigadier General (ret)

“Today’s organizations need effective leadership, and effective leaders need to practice with Love – Jack King tells a story of love, and how we can grow and prosper using the lessons of Native Americans who have came before.”

Dr Stuart Gothold, Clinical Professor Emeritus, USC

One With the People is an inspiring, memorable, highly readable book that can help anyone reach new heights in their leadership journey. Dr. King’s prose crackles with the unmistakable energy of ‘lived words,’ reflecting his commitment to servant leadership as a way of life.”

James Strock, businessman, speaker, citizen servant, and author of the award-winning business bestseller Serve to Lead

“I am no one and saying this may remind you of Odysseus’ reply to Polyphemus. But if any praise for Jack King’s One With the People should be considered, it should be from the no ones. Because the no ones are the people. And the people, we the people, need leaders – not more long tongue liars, midnight riders, ramblers, gamblers, and back biters. We need leaders – men, women, and children who have the courage to love. We need leaders who are committed to a better world. Read this book. Understand it. Tell others about it. Buy 12 copies and give them to those you know – those you know in your heart to have the potential to serve, shine, and love.”

Stan Faryna, editor-in-chief, Black and Right: The Bold New Voice of Black Conservatives in America

“A great book for people who aspire to be leaders or have been promoted to leadership position.”

Marlene Strom

“A book to read by people who want to lead. Looks deep into what is central to good leadership and getting on with people.”

Lynne Gray

“Leadership with integrity & passion, by one of life’s genuinely good guys!”

Zoe Dawes

“Woven through the pages of this book is a clear, sorely needed message. Leadership is a calling, not a position. It is a commitment to `serving others’ through vision and love. Jack King, in true story-telling form, has painted a picture that all leaders can model to breathe life back into those they serve. In an age where the term `Leadership’ is often viewed in a negative light, this book takes us back to bedrock principles. The truths in this book can be applied to every form of leadership whether that is in our homes, community or workplace. “

Mark O. Oakes, CEO

“I’d like to commend to you a very important new book, One With The People: Everything You Need To Be The Leader They Need!, by the wonderful Dr Jack King. Jack absolutely nails what leadership is, in an engaging and insightful story. Whether you’ve had leadership bestowed upon you, seek to climb a corporate ladder, or just feel someone needs to take care of things for the benefit of your community, you will grow from reading this book.”

Tim Douglas, Commercial HR, UK

“Great book!”

George Fitz-Hugh, AVP, Gateway Bank

One With the People emphasizes the interconnectedness, interdependence, and equal opportunity for leadership that exists between everyone in a learning organization. Leaders ready to teach what they know is truth — and who are ready to acknowledge their students as their greatest teachers — will find affirmation, strength, and inspiration here.”

Chad Sansing, Educator and open schools activist

“Jack King has masterfully woven a ‘page turning’ story into a unique paradigm for leadership.”

Kevin O’Connor, Entrepreneur

“Dr King’s book reveals ancient wisdom to a modern world in turmoil and so needing help from the ‘elders.’ Its powerful teachings have the potential to transform communities, change the way ‘leaders’ lead, and reach far out across borders around the world to challenge traditional conceptions of the citizen, the state, and international relations. It is an incredibly valuable resource to support the current and burgeoning paradigm shift in human evolution.”

Sharon Eden, author of The Passion Whisperer

“Jack King’s beautifully written book, One With the People, instantly struck me as a not-so-ordinary story of extraordinary appeal and value. It’s a magical, mystical, very believable tale about two well-developed characters — Sani, a wise Navajo elder, and Topangah, a young, hungry-for-wisdom maiden — and their great respect for the Beauty in all things. This is a book worth multiple reads … packed with thought-provoking truths about the journey we call life.”

Nannette Kennedy, Worldwide Communications Coordinator, Humanity’s Team


One With the People is a profound journey of discovery that takes each of us deep within to see for ourselves the sacred link between the material and spiritual realm of leadership that, in the end, comes together as a seamless whole. The setting is a four-day quest on the top of a grand mesa in the four corners region of America’s southwest where Sani, a very old and very wise Navajo man, prepares his adopted granddaughter, Topangah, a young Tongva lady of twelve winters, to take her place among the people and lead them to a new and better place. Sani uses the Anishinaabe teachings of the Seven Grandfathers to help Topangah understand what is truly necessary to lead: love, respect, courage, honesty, humility, truth, and wisdom.

To help us, King has placed this parable within the context of a successful 21st century organization that is just realizing they are not everything they can be because “the love is gone.” Through this inspiring story of leadership and spirit, One With the People challenges the leader within each of us to be one with the people like the soaring eagle is one with the wind.

Preview Chapter One >> here.

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