Kind Words & Testimonials

“I have known Jack for over three years, and he has served as an exemplary and wholly supportive community mentor in improving the work I do as a public school teacher in Albemarle County, Virginia. Jack understands positive relationships between teachers and students create safe school environments and drive learning forward; moreover, he knows how to employ available resources to support such relationships and rich learning throughout an organization.

Jack has helped me meet my students where they are in terms of readiness and interest. He has a masterful understanding of differentiation, individualization, and customization in education. He knows how much work it takes to reach each individual learner and he grasps how necessary it is to support teachers in doing that difficult and worthy work. We meet weekly to discuss the struggles and successes my students have in the classroom, and Jack never fails to coach me in overcoming the problems I see to discover differentiated solutions with students. Given the opportunity, Jack quickly earns the respect of teachers and students – all of whom he puts before himself and bureaucratic excess.

Jack is also an expert logistician – in a unique way he combines great talents for education and organizational management. Jack is able to find efficiencies in any division and thereby simultaneously hold the division accountable to tax payers and lift teaching and learning to new heights. Jack removes obstacles to meaningful teaching and learning while addressing and balancing valid budgetary and logistical concerns with students’ legitimate learning needs.

Jack is a supremely capable and compassionate leader and unwavering champion for students and their learning.”

~Chad Sansing
NBCT Early Adolescence English/Language Arts
NETS*T certified teacher (Charlottesville, VA)

“Jack King clearly brings a distinctive touch to every project with his single-minded devotion to the pursuit of helping others. Over the years, he has developed wide-ranging, high-impact expertise in leadership, logistics, and problem solving. He devotes much of his time to others through consulting, coaching, writing, and philanthropy. One of his personal crowning achievements has been to lay the foundation for the NorthFork Center for Servant Leadership. Jack is a thought leader with extensive systems-level, process improvement experience that helps him bring immense value time and time again to those with whom he partners. Put your project in Jack’s care. You’ll be glad you did!”

~Thomas Harper
Attorney (Indianapolis)

“I have now had the time to read your entire powerful expressions of some truly humane pieces of poetically written verses; with overtones containing complete justice. Your insight into the troubled spots on our globe that have been far from humane; you have absorbed your responses, with one of integrity, compassion, and love for all concerned. That, I call courageous and free from injurious judgment. I am truly inspired by your eloquent language choice. As you feel it … so you write it. It has come from your heart and soul, a deep awakening in itself.”

~Nora Boekelman (Perth Australia)

“I love your recent writings, Jack! This line says volumes, ‘You see, love nudges us in but one direction: to continually look for the good in others. Why? Because we are certain to find it. Isn’t that what leadership is all about?’ As we worked together over I have found you to be a man who ‘practices what he preaches.’”

~Thomas Waterhouse (Tampa FL)
Principal of Simple E Creations, Inc.

“When Dr Jack asked me to write for #servantheart, the post about Sargent Shriver almost wrote itself. Piece of cake. I did not expect the generous #servantheart introduction that Dr Jack included at the beginning of the post. So to Dr Jack – thank you for generously sharing what you do and for the way you do it. You are a man with a #servantheart who touches the hearts and minds of many.”

~Anne Perschel (Worcester, MA)
Founder & President, Germane Consulting

“I’ve known Dr. Jack King for many years. He’s a trusted advisor, master logistician after a distinguished military career, and thorough planner who leaves nothing to chance. I have seen him solve the most complex of problems when others failed. His work on the FEMA project was exemplary and the results were right on target. We should have called him first. We’ll know better next time.”

~Jim Sweeney (Arlington, VA)
Sr Consultant

“Dr King is a great proponent of servant leadership, and the founder of the NorthFork Center for Servant Leadership. In his work at the center, King established Servant Hearts Thursdays — a program of guest blog posts from servant leadership proponents in different circles. Specific to Twitter, he is a regular re-tweeter of great content from many sources. He’s also famous for his positive rants — when he gets something on his mind, you will receive a great flow of quotes, links, and original insights into a given topic, such as motivation, selflessness, and love. Thank you, Jack, for all you contribute to servant leadership awareness and adoption through Twitter.”

~Ben Lichtenwalner (Westchester, NY)
Sr Manager of eCommerce at Whirlpool

“His passion is on fire. A man dedicated to a peaceful world where leaders inspire through values, Jack King connects with others to serve the community. Dr. Jack as a man who can change lives through the intensity of his loving vision.

Dr Jack King is a writer, a speaker of truth, and a merchant of a better world. He helps leaders find their highest purpose. He notices young leadership and the gentle voice of transformation that shakes the nation.

Recently, I held a conference with Dr Jack to discuss written ideas that came from leaders in my interview sample. Jack was able to look beyond distracting surface commentary and identify the bigger issues behind our discussion. He provided guidance and clarity of thought that helped me continue in my own quest for better leadership.

Dr Jack King as a man committed helping people reach important goals. He is a visionary, but also a problem-solver and a man who understands how people influence others. He is an ideal guide and mentor for emerging leaders and people who work with leaders.”

~Dr Steve Broe (Scottsdale, AZ)
Executive Coach and Educator

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